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What are the first things that come to mind when you thinking about kitchen design? For a lot of homeowners, the basic foundation thought is likely to be the color scheme before going into individual details. For a professional designer, the first thing that will obviously come to mind is the layout of the kitchen. Of all the rooms in your home, the layout of the kitchen has to be the most important.

The kitchen can be said to be a functional space and the experience will largely depend on how freely you can move when doing the cooking. A kitchen space that is professionally designed is meant to maximize movement so that you don’t have to worry about ducking down every time you want to reach out for something. To get the best out of your kitchen, there is a lot that a professional designer will factor in and we’re going to highlight some of them.

There three main important elements in your kitchen and that is the fridge, the sink, and the oven. If the layout is poorly designed, cooking and cleaning the kitchen can turn to be a laborious endeavor when you’re supposed to be having fun. Professional designers will create a triangle when coming up with the plan of the kitchen. There could be several working triangles depending on the needs of an individual. A reputable designer will ensure that movements in the kitchen don’t interfere with the cooking.

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Modern kitchen designs have moved away from being utilitarian and are more versatile. A lot of homeowners will want to entertain in the kitchen because that is where all the fun is. That means the kitchen needs to be more than just where the cooking happens. One of the popular tips when designing a multifunctional Kitchen is to have an island that has seats. It is an inviting area where the family and guests can socialize and relax while sharing a meal. The host can do the cooking without feeling excluded in the conversation.

There are not a lot of designers that will pay attention to the space that is allocated to the cupboards yet, it is one of the key considerations if you want a professional touch to the design. Ideally, the cupboard needs to be organized in accordance with how space is used.
For frequently used items, they should easily be reachable so as to avoid stooping down. The arrangement should be functional in every aspect. A good designer could install a bespoke system that takes into account the user experience in the kitchen.

Any designer worth their salt knows too well that the only way you can come up with a good design is to start by drawing the floor plan. You can as well envision the plan before you reach out to a contractor. There are websites like Pinterest that can be used for inspiration. Technology has also made it easy to draw plans. You can try different options with fixtures and cabinets so that you have an idea of how the final work will look like.

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An overhead light is always a challenge in the kitchen. The light should be in front of you while you’re cooking. If you’re using artificial lights, they should be under the cabinets because they’ll shine directly under the countertop.


If you’re thinking about getting new appliances, there should be adequate power sources. Some people will realize that they don’t have the right gas and electricity lines when they’ve already bought a new appliance. It is also recommended that you measure the appliance in order to make sure that they’re fitting properly in the provided spaces.


If you’ve done a complete remodel, it will be tempting to use the old appliance. Depending on how long you’ve had them, some of them might not be energy-efficient. Old appliances are not likely to perform well in a new environment. There are different ways you can economize even if you decide to buy new appliances.



You can make your kitchen safe by prioritizing visibility to the indoor play area and the backyard. There should be slip-resistant flooring if you have kids. It should also be easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning. You shouldn’t also forget to plan for how you’re going to handle waste in the kitchen. There are clever ways in which the bins can be disguised behind doors.