Why should I hire an interior designer?
Working with a professional interior designer will help you avoid making costly time consuming mistakes during the whole process. Leverage our experience with architects and contractors to your benefit. You will have access to the supply, experience and knowledge of professionals to ensure you get the best results for your project. I make the design and construction process fun, and less overwhelming. I give you confidence that you have made the right decisions in layout, finishes, and fixtures.
What are the steps in the interior design process?
The process begins with an initial design consultation. We will meet at your home to help determine your design needs. I will get an idea of the space, ascertain your interior style and take an inventory of your existing furniture. From here we will deliver a detailed estimate to show the project initial costs.
What interior design services do you offer?
Marianne Ashley Interior Designs specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling and have been a part of the residential design industry since 2005. I give my customers beautifully customized spaces reflective of who they are, while providing unique solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. I listen carefully to their needs, respect their preferences, and help to think outside the box.
Do we need to use your contractor or architect?
Absolutely not. We are able to work with your existing builder or contractors. We are also more than happy to refer you to our professional contacts as well. We will act as a liaison between you and the contractors so you can be rest assured that everything will be handled professionally.
How long will our project take?
Every project will vary based on the scope and the builders. A typically kitchen remodel will take about 90 days to design and build. A living room remodel may take about 30 days to design and about 90 days from inception to completion. A bathroom remodel typically takes about 45 days from start until completion. Give us a call to get a better estimate.
Marianne was excellent to work with in what was essentially an 80% house remodel. From the initial concept designs to the picking of cabinets, bathroom fixtures, appliances etc – for someone with no idea of what to do she was perfect and I am more than pleased with the result. I cannot recommend her more
William K

Marianne Ashley Designs is just the best! My husband and I designed our home from scratch. After our house was already under construction and with a kitchen layout we had done ourselves, we realized we needed help. Marianne listened to what we wanted, looked at what we had rough framed and did 3-d computer renderings to help us visualize the space as whole. Her knowledge and experience kept us from making some choices we would have later regretted. Marianne is extremely flexible in how she will work with you. She of course came to the house but, when we would throw her a curveball along the way, she was more than willing to video conference and work through our new ideas. Her flexibility and great attitude made the stressful process far more enjoyable! Marianne clearly has years of experience and knows her stuff. When our oven installer convinced us that we (separate from Marianne) had bought an oven that was too large for our cabinet, he left without installing it. We went back to Marianne for help in ordering a larger cabinet. Marianne was able to prove the cabinet we already owned was in fact perfect and she was willing to talk to the installer on our behalf. She saved us from purchasing an expensive cabinet that we did not need and the installer ended up returning and installing it properly. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, easy to talk to, professional designer, hire Marianne Ashley Designs. You will not regret it!!
LynnMarie P

Marianne is a master at interior design and enjoyable to work with. She takes all the anxiety out of doing a renovation. Her knowledge of architecture, construction, lighting and cabinetry combine to provide a smooth process from design to demolition to finished room. She combines functionality with aesthetics for rooms that not only wow you but also fit within your budget. The reno timeline was organized for the least possible disruption and her guidance in making choices from the cabinetry to countertop to hardware were invaluable as she knows what works. We completed a major kitchen and master bath renovation with ease.
JoAnn W