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Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy feat. It is also an expensive undertaking that requires months of planning. There are a lot of things to consider such as selecting the cabinetry, fixtures, surface materials, electrical, and plumbing. That is why a bathroom remodels should never be a DIY project unless you’re an experienced contractor. When planning the bathroom design, it is important to factor in your needs and those that will be using it. Here are some tips that will come in handy when coming up with the design for your bathroom.

Undermount and integral bathroom sinks make it easy to swipe messes into the sink. If you’re looking for an economical option that is easy to install, self-rimming bathrooms would be the best option.

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Even the most aesthetically appealing bathrooms have to deal with background work. There are the vent stacks, water drains, and plumbing to worry about. The majority of bathroom floor plans will fall in one, two, three-layout plans. The layout plan will mainly depend on the space that is available.

Working with a two-layout plan provides more flexibility. The tub and the shower can be plumbed on one wall while the toilet can and sink on the other. It is crucial that you’re working with an experienced designer so that you’re not making costly mistakes. For a more versatile layout, you can go for the three layout design. It should be noted that it is the most expensive even though it provides the most options.

Designing the Lighting Plan

One element that a lot of designers fail to take into consideration is the positioning of the bathroom mirror. The ideal design would be to have wall-mounts light on both sides of the mirror. The height should be eye level. This design is perfect for illuminating the face while eliminating shadows.
Ceiling-mounted fixtures come highly recommended for general bathroom lighting. You can spruce things up by adding pendant lights or chandeliers.

Making a Statement with a Tub

A tub presents a more natural focal point of the bathroom. They also have a big impact when it comes to the decorating style. To maximize your relaxation, you can opt for a whirlpool tub or a soaking tub.

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A Trendy Luxury – Spa Shower

You can create a luxury shower similar to that you’d find in luxury spas in your dream bathroom. There are a variety of spray heads to choose from. If you want to be soaked from above, you can go for ceiling-mounted showerheads. For handheld showers, you can direct the spray to rinse your hair or wash your body while controlling the pressure.

Choosing Cabinetry

Choosing cabinetry will present the opportunity to express your style. Vanity cabinets will give you a ton of options and gives one the opportunity to make a statement with the styling. When it comes to purchasing of the cabinetry, you can go for semi-custom options or stock units. There is also the option of having them custom designed according to your style. For an affordable option, stock cabinets come highly recommended.

Selecting the Flooring

Bathroom floors not only need to be impervious to water but should be hardworking as well. Finding the balance while still making sure they’re attractive can be challenging. For better traction, you should be looking for honed flooring. Ceramic floors are preferred for bathroom installations because they’re impervious to water and can handle the foot traffic. Tiles designed for such surfaces should be extremely durable. Ceramic tiles are slip-resistant and can easily be sealed for better protection.

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You can decide to splurge on functional amenities to give your bathroom a luxury feel. It could be a gas-insert fireplace which communicates linger and relaxation. Bathrooms are known for hard surfaces but you can add a touch of softness with window treatment. Such treatments can also advance color and pattern to the overall scheme of the bathroom. It is crucial that you’re working with an experienced designer if you’d like to see your ideas come to life.


Color has the power to transform spaces. It can energize, soothe, and calm you down. If you’re bold enough, you can try a combination of colors. The color that you decide on should be selected based on the mood that you’d want to invoke while in the bathroom. It should be noted that color shouldn’t just be based on the fabric and wall paint. The cabinetry and the sink can also contribute to the overall color scheme.